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Living in the Mystery of God's Kingdom

“The privilege of intimately knowing the mystery [mystērion] of God’s kingdom realm has been granted to you." Mark 4:11

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Get online Mystērion Mentoring & Coaching with Reeni Mederos as she leads you into the mystery of the Father’s heart through online teaching & training webinars, live broadcasts, personal and group mentoring & coaching with live chat interaction. 

Mystérion Mentoring

Get up close group mentoring and coaching with Reeni Mederos as she takes you deep into intimately knowing the mystery of God’s kingdom realm [Mark 4:11) and your true identity as a son or daughter of God. This mentoring format is monthly subscription based with live and on-demand video teaching and training and occasional mentoring expeditions via live broadcasting.

Reeni Mederos, Founder of Mystérion Expressions

Mystérion Academy

Live and On-Demand Single Webinars, Classes, One-Day and Weekend Workshops, Live Broadcast Conferences and Mini-Conferences, Mentoring, Coaching, Teaching, and Training in Unveiling, Studying and Living in the Mysteries of God’s Kingdom Realm and Your True Identity as a True Son or Daughter of God in Christ.

Mystērion Teachings

Dive into the mystery of God’s kingdom realms as Reeni unlocks revelation to help you grow and mature in Christ.

Mystērion Books

Reeni’s books are packed with mystery and revelation that will provoke you to a deeper relationship with Christ. 

Mystērion Music

Reeni’s music takes you deep into the realm of the mystery of God’s heart.  The frequency levels are so that that you will be soaring with a fresh new love for God.

Mystērion Mobile App

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Mystērion Podcast

Listen in to the secrets and mysteries Reeni reveals as you go deeper into understanding God’s love for your life. 

Political Intercession

Pray for the United States of America and for President Trump and various issues affecting our nation on a weekly basis.

Mystērion Expeditions

Israel On The Go! Adventurous Israel Mentoring Expeditions with Reeni Mederos

Our Mission & Vision

Living in the Mystery of God’s kingdom realm

“The privilege of intimately knowing the mystery [mystērion] of God’s kingdom realm has been granted to you.” Mark 4:11

Entering The Mystery of Communion by Reeni Mederos

3 Hour Online Webinar Teaching & Activations with Unlimted Viewing Access

School of Transfiguration

November 2-13, 2019
Online Virtual Tour Registration Coming Soon – Stay Tuned



Live Broadcasts

To Be Announced by E-Mail and SMS Notification

Join Reeni live worship, teaching, training, mentoring, coaching and live chat as she takes you deeper into the mystery of the Father’s heart and gives political updates concerning current events in our nation.


Political Intercession

every monday night @ 9:00pm est

Pray for the nation with other political intercessors strategizing from the courts of heaven and taking corporate communion.


Reeni’s Blog

The Latest News & Updates

Celestial Love From Above by Reeni Mederos

Celestial Love From Above by Reeni Mederos As I was studying and meditating on the Lord this morning, all of a sudden He arrests my attention and awareness. I was immediately taken into a vision, or I immediately entered into what looked like the universe...

Officials: 33 Arrested for Sex Trafficking in Super Bowl Sting

Atlanta, Georgia is one of the most prevalent in the human trafficking industry and law enforcement are on top of the Superbowl festivities which is known to draw human traffickers at these major football games. Traffickers target young girls in and around...